About Stephen

My name is Stephen Pratama. I was born in 1993. Now i am studying at university. Mostly my biggest reason to write is not because it’s my hobby. The biggest reason is rooted in my desire to criticizing anything that happen in daily life especially in our educational environment. My biggest passion is of course education, but sometimes i like to think and contemplate about other social sides and also politics where sociologically these other sides link to education itself. The core of my focus are educational planning and educational policy (especially national curriculum). I am opposing the rulling class who has oppressed many marginalized minorities and enhancing an unfair world. So while i’m still living in this sinful world the dominant oppressing groups or class may not find their peace. Well i love mathematics and natural sciences. Both are fun and they can make you crazy. I love soccer too. Soccer is my life and it has been living in my heart since 2002. I’m also love to watch Indonesian horror movies (pocong, kuntilanak etc) and besides my interest in local ghosts, Dracula is my favorite international ghost. And finally i like funny movies too especially the legendary Warkop DKI. My dream is to help the life of marginalized people in educational realm. Three main principles for me are struggling (to know my God’s will), learning (to prepare myself to make any changes according to His will), and praying (to my God to help me in everything i do to serve Him).

Enjoy reading my writings in this blog.



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