Sociological Study of Social Stratification in The Polemic of Provincial Minimum Wages in DKI JAKARTA 2015

The issue of provincial minimum wages has become one of the most problematic issue in developing country like Indonesia. The amount of minimum wages always rising every year and the process to decide the exact amount of it usually becomes problematic because each actor has their own logic of minimum wages. The amount of wages received by workers considered not enough yet to fulfill their daily needs. That’s why there is a struggle to increase workers’ welfare either in a forum of Council of Wages (dewan pengupahan) or mass demonstration which likely to happen. At the same time the entrepreneur considered the demand of workers is beyond their capacity.

It’s interesting to examine the process of that polemic because it’s not only affects the life chances of working class, but from that polemic we could see how three units are interacting to each other and there are asymmetrical relation in certain situation. That is why we have to construct a schema to capture each stratum. Further as mentioned above we can see a mass demonstration is likely to happen and so we have to examine the root of such collective action especially its corelations to a stratum position in the schema of social stratification. Finally we need to capture the whole picture of the tripartite, the social relation of one to each other.

The result of my research can be downloaded HERE


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